SNSD Gone Under The knife



Popularly known as Girls’ Generation, SNSD, comprises of 8 members: Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. They are in SM Entertainment (South Korea), Nayutawave (Japan), Interscope (U.S.), and Polydor (France). They are commonly referred to as SNSD, the acronym of the group’s Korean name So-Nyeo Shi-Dae or So-Nyuh Shi-Dae, Chinese name Shao Nü Shi Dai, Japanese name ShōJo JiDai. They had their official debut stage on August 5, 2007 with their first single“Into the New World”. Their 2009 single ‘Gee’ has been recorded to run for the longest time which is 9 weeks. The girls in this year got appreciation and gathered several awards.

Also the members have had their solo singles, albums, music videos for drama soundtracks. Initially they were all trained singers and dancers and some for professional acting and modeling. Some of them have been part TV commercials, magazine ads and some TV appearances. It was announced in autumn 2008 that Girls’ Generation would be starring in a reality show on M.Net. Titled Factory Girl, the show chronicles the girls working as interns at fashion magazine “Elle“. The group began its album promotion on January 2009 on MBC Show! Music Core. They sang their new single, “Gee”, andHim Nae/Way to Go”, another track from the Gee mini-album. This song is a remake of the song “Haptic Motion” that was used in cellphone advertisements. On May 3, 2009, Girls Generation starred in their new reality show “SNSD Horror Movie Factory”, but the show was then cancelled after 6 episodes due to low ratings.



Korea is regarded as a country that offers a great result of surgeon’s knife. Not only in America but also in Korea, plastic surgery is overwhelming. Many people, especially women in Korea often do surgery. We all are surprised that the enchanting looks of SNSD are not natural.


Taeyon is one of SNSD member that has changed her eyelid. She has also had a nose job done (rhinoplasty). Yoona has got surgery on her jaw line and nose job done. Jessica gets the same surgery likewise Yoona does Jessica had a small, dainty nose and now it is much pointed and seems to have undergone some changes. She has also had her jaw shaved. Everyone seems to be aware of this, and yet she denies it anyway. Tiffany’s surgery includes eyes and nose. Hyoyon decides to change eyelid, jaw line, nose, lower lids, and lips.

Though not all of them have undergone the knife still it’s the profession that has led to such varied changes in the band. When we talk about good plastic surgery then looking at Marie Osmondis something worth spending time.

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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Story


Born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego, California, Cameron is the daughter of Emilio Diaz, a Cuban American oil company foreman, and his wife Bilie who is of Native American, Italian and German descent. Diaz began modelling when she was 16 years old. She has landed in places like Japan, Australia, Morocco and Paris due to her modelling assignments and has posed for famous magazines and brands like Seventeen, Coca- cola, Levi’s, etc.

Cameron is a model turned actress who is known for her comedic roles and the girl next door charisma. She has been a part of films like ‘There’s Something about Mary’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘The Other Woman’.

Her first step into the film industry was in 1994, with the blockbuster action comedy, The Mask. After the very big success of The Mask, she became the next big thing in Hollywood and wooed a number of leading projects. Diaz also provides the voice of Princess Fiona in the Shrek Film.


In addition to her so charismatic work on screen she is often found in the news for her personal life. She has been in relation with people celebrities like Carlos de La Torre, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and many others.


Cameron Diaz is a well- known Hollywood actress and has acted in loads of hit movies. If you look at her before and after pictures you will notice a prominent change in her features. She has been rumoured to have a deal with Botox. Her ace now looks much fresh, smoother and shinier than ever before. The filler injections she is speculated to have has made her face look puffier than ever. This has also reduced her wrinkles, but on the other hand she now has a bloated and a puffy face. In her lifestyle guide she has mentioned that her deal with Botox has ruined her face and that it has made her face which is no more like hers.


She has even had rhinoplasty done so as to improve her shape of nose which has been fussing around due to her accident. Also, she had claimed that it was because of some medical reasons that she had to perform a surgery.

A breast augmentation is also being speculated due to the difference in her breast size. Besides, mentioning before that she would never like to go under the knife she has had many things done.

Due to her cosmetic procedures she now has lost her natural beauty and is clearly a case of surgery gone wrong.

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Jessica Phyllis Lange Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures


Jessica Phyllis Lange born on 20th April in Cloquet, Minnesota U.S in a family of a teacher, because of her father’s profession , her childhood turned out to be very challenging and chaotic because of their regular transfers but however she settled to her birthplace Cloquet at last. She is known for her contributions in all the three forms of entertainment including film, theatre and television.


She did all odd jobs like from being a model to a waitress before she was spotted by producer ‘ Dino De Laurentiss ‘ who willingly casted her as the leading lady of king Kong, then there was no looking back for Lange as the very first movie gave her a golden globe award. Moreover In her   30 decades long association with film fraternity, she has been bestowed with several international honors which include ’47 awards ‘ & 120 nominations and she alsp became the first performer on forty years to receive two Oscar nominations in the same year.


Beside being a polished actress, she also adorns the hat of a published photographer and married her Spanish photographer beau Paco Grande after their wedding they both started travelling together but it was when they moved to Paris their relationship came to an end She also works as a producer, a foster parent and a goodwill ambassador for the UNICEF, specialized in HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Russia.

She also behaved as a public critic of former US President George Bush, as she questioned & commented on his administration. Her glossy journey has a lot to admire about but what make people ponder more is the question “ what makes her look so young”?Her elevated eyebrows make the experts believe that she had a brow lift, moreover her eyelids seem to be well defined, as there is no puffiness around which is absolutely common when it comes to women of her age, ” so do we call her a natural exception “? She still adorns the cat eyes for which she was famous in her youth.

Her surgeries are not confirmed yet; her looks even puzzle the experts to comment upon with any degree of certainty.Her elevated eyebrows, tight forehead, smooth facial skin and the taut neckline, make her the subject of several discussions.

Her well-defined and elevated eyebrows make experts believe that she underwent a brow lift. The recent changes in her taut neckline just add spark to the rumor that she fortunately had an amazing facelift.She was always a favorite of Kael’s who said, ” She has a facial structure that the camera yearns for and unbeatable talent “Her talent matched with her looks whether natural or unauthentic would always be a hit anyway. I think You should give a look to Niki Minaj Plastic Surgery

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JENNIFER LOPEZ Plastic Surgery Revealed


Born on July 24, 1969, Lopez was born in the castle hill section of South Bronx. A multitasking superstar Lopez was inclined towards music since childhood. She, as a child enjoyed a variety of music genres and different rhythms. She since childhood dreamt of entering into the film industry despite having interest in music. She joined music and dance lessons when she was just five and was always potential as an athlete.

After high school she worked for a short period in a law office during which she continued her dance classes. Her first big break came into rescue when she was offered a job as a fly girl in Living Color. Her first major film being Gregory Nava’s ‘My Family’ after which her career went into over- drive and there is no looking back since then. She today is an actress, author, dancer, fashion designer, producer, singer, songwriter, and a television personality.

Details Magazine named Jennifer as “sexiest Woman of the Year” in the year 1998. And there have been several other who have quoted her as the sexiest and the hottest singers in the past. She has always managed herself well as a singer and as an actress without picking one as a primary profession for her.


Well known for her curvaceous body and her glamorous public persona she has always been a part of media considerations. In fact if the talk is about the hottest bodies, there is no way of her going off the list. People claim that her perfect figure is a result of her having cosmetic procedures done to maintain her. Surgeons have reported that she has had augmentations and implants.

Her breasts and butt initially were deflated and somewhat saggy, but since last couple of years she has had a proper butt size. Also, her boob job has given her a sudden size and they look sexier now. It seems she has had a lift of silicone implants. Since she is making a comeback to her acting career, she has undergone such procedures. She was in the news lately for undergoing cosmetic reductions but she has maintained her denial saying “I have never had any plastic surgery of any kind.” Apparently her lifts are so visible that her denial cant swipe it away.

“Nothing about her is overdone” quotes a doctor believing she has had a good and a fine job done. There is no scope for finding any flaw in her surgery. She beautifully carries herself and knows how to maintain her eternal beauty.

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Melanie Griffith Before And After Plastic Surgery



Born on August 9, 1957, Melanie is the daughter of movie star Tippi Hedren. She has worked as a model and has also done several TV commercials. Her first film debut in Night Moves was in the 1975s. she has been married four times to three different actors.

Her parents’ marriage ended in 1961 and Tipi came to Los Angeles to get a new start. Even though Melanie didn’t like modelling, she continued to do so to pay the bills. Also, her love for films came to notice when she did her first movie. She was given a role of a runway nymphet and gained relevance in Hollywood since then due to her racy nude scenes.
Unfortunately, with progression in her career she became dependent on drugs and alcohol, after which she was denied roles which resulted in a sudden downfall. She then started with television and married her second husband, Steven Bauer. He played a great role in helping her quitting her drug overdose. His hardwork paid off and she returned to films with Body Double. This fetched her several applaud and a Golden Globe Nomination.

She also runs a non- profit organisation for benefitting burned children and is involved in various other charity related work and works for protection of wild animals.



Melanie is one of those several Hollywood celebrities who have gone under the knife to improve her appearance. After her surgery it seems that she has lost her natural charm. She has had a boob surgery, liposuction, fillers, eyelid lift and lip augmentation. She considered surgery as the best alternative for beautiful skin, but it turned out to be a hush- hush situation, it went wrong and she had to face the world with her fake and unnatural looks.

People have claimed that it was her drug consumption that turned her surgery into an odd affair for the lady. Upon comparing her before and after pictures, it is clear that her beast size has increased suggesting breast augmentation. Her lip augmentation has led to an increase in her lip size and she has developed a trout mouth. The facelift has probably resulted into a wrinkle- free face and the area around her cheeks is now very tight. Her eyelid lift has been most observant and there’s a proper defined shape of her brows now.

Melanie Griffith has still not accepted that she has had any cosmetic procedures done and hence there is surely no way in determining her changes in body. Though her attributes are clear but sill her husband states that he would never want Melanie to undergo any kind of cosmetic procedure in the future.

Well we can just search for something more in future and see whether she undergoes any such procedure in the future.It is Believed that her surgery is very similar to Kim Kardashian plastic surgery 

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Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Pictures And Story Revealed


The famous k-pop singer and actress Goo Hara is the newest member of the plastic surgery party. Goo Hara, was born on January 13, 1991 in Gwangju, South Korea. Apart form singing she is also involved in professional dancing. Goo Hara has appeared in a number of shows and has launched many hit albums like “Rock u” But the thing that changed Goo Hara’s life completely was her getting teamed up as kara with kang. From there the girl band have come a long way and are now one of the most famous girl band in south korea, Pretty amazing right!

Goo Hara is a perfect example of intelligent Korean cosmetic surgery. Unlike those celebrities who find revealing about their going under the knife Embarrassing


Goo Hara was pretty honest and admitted that she did went under the knife for altering her appearance. In Korea cosmetic surgery is a very common thing and unlike the west, people here cherish and embrace their decision of getting altered. For Kara, Goo wanted a new look, something that would attract more and more people towards her new band. So is KARA is the main reason behind her getting under the knife. In show business it is very important for a celebrity to look his or her best, their fans follow their looks and this make important for them to present their perfect.
g1When we compared her before and after pictures, we were able to see the big changes that have come on her face after the surgery. The little bumpy nose that used make her face look funny has now been replaced by a slender and sharp nose. The new nose has given her face a very beautiful definition. Apart from her nose, the texture of her skin and lips has also changed.

Now her skin looks very glowing and shiny, a new essence has come on her face and this miracle is only a result of Botox injection. Coming to her lips, Goo’s lips now look very plump and soft. Many experts say her new look is also a result of her crash dieting, as a young girl goo was very fat and chubby but now she looks so slim and fit. According to the rumours, Goo followed for loosing her weight. Her new look is very refreshing and adorable. This makeover has not only boosted her confidence but also increased her fan following.Now she looks very confident on the stage. This confidence can be clearly seen in her voice and postures. We hope Goo manages to win the hearts of million fans and may a bright future wait ahead for her.

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Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery


Susan Abigail Saradon born on 4th October 1946 to a one-time nightclub singer in Jackson heights, Queens, New York City. She belongs to English, Irish and welsh dialect and was raised, as a Roman Catholic .She is a celebrated American actress with an amazing persona .She has always been in limelight because of the nature of her job and her involvement into the politics. She is known for her social activism and crystal clear opinions on several of the liberal issues. She took away The Academy award and Bafta award and even received the Action Against hunger humanitarian award in 2006.


Her eccentric career includes several milestone from being the lead of The rocky horror picture show, a cult classic which is said to be the longest running movie of all time   to appearing as a guest on the sitcoms Friends (2001) and Malcolm in the middle etc. She initially married Chris Saranon but they divorced in 1979 but retained her surname ” saradon” as her official name, but it was the time she spent with David Bowie on the sets of ” the hunger ” that she termed as ” a really interesting period”.

She received her lifetime achievement award and the outstanding artistic life award at the 2009 Stockholm international film festival and at the 2011 Shanghai international film festival.


Apart from being high on success and honor her modesty to accept the fact that she relies on the cosmetic help to maintain that charismatic look. She herself accepts the fact that to survive in this industry at this fading age she needs to hold her looks using the cosmetic experts and their knives. There are no hidden truths to her appeal even one because she entails a open booklet to it. She is famous for her curvy physique and smoky red locks.

Susan had a liposuction to conceal one of the first sign of aging that is reduction of   the unnecessary flab on her neck and on her face, this gave her bolder cheekbones and a leaner appearance but to make her impact more profound its speculated that she underwent much more than what she just admitted.

As she has always blabbered on the modality of a generous bust size in order to be garner success in Hollywood, so she is also said to get a breast augmentation as she appears a little more curvy than before but she has been clear on the fact that Botox scares her and she still has some wrinkles that are natural as she follows the principal ” excess of everything is harmful”, so she made a point of not over doing these treatments and try a hand at aging gracefully. For more pictures you can check out her instagram ac

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Dolly and Her plastic surgery


Born on January 19, 1946 in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, Dolly Rebecca Parton Dean was one of the twelve children. An American actress, songwriter, philanthropist and a businesswoman, she has won a number of Country Music and Grammy awards, and starred in the hit films 9 to 5 and Steel Magnolias. Her first exposure to music was during the time her mother use to sing and at the age of 10 she started to sing professionally and used to tune her own songs on her guitar. She started with singing church songs.
Her first take off into the singing career was during 1967 when she and Parton Wagoner started singing as a popular duo and recorded many country hits. “Here You Come Again” created a wide stir when it was released which made Parton fetch her first Grammy Award.
She has probably reached the apex of her mainstream success and besides her hit comedy 9 to 5 she has produced many such and had also turned to direction at one point of time. Even after entering her 60s she shows no signs of slowing down and has probably fared well on country album charts. She is also the author of several other works, including Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business.

Dolly and her plastic surgery
At times it becomes difficult to judge changes in a person’s facial construction while in this case we can surely guess that there are physical alterations in Dolly’s face that has led to such a wrong attribution to her physical features. It seems to be a case of surgery gone wrong. Unfortunately with some success comes big pressure to look as good as possible and that was probably the main reason for Dolly undergoing the knife.
She is suspected to have breast implants which probably made her popular during 70s. Her big breasts created a turf, and she started gaining popularity due to it. But, after a sudden weight loss her breasts shrunk and became uneven in size. Apart from this she has even had Botox injections and a facelift. Her skin appears to be stretched and shows clear sign of surgical intervention.

Her nose job has made her nose pointed and has shortened its size. A chin implant and an eyelid lift have made a clear demarcated change to her face construction.
Though she has always denied that she has never had such procedures done on her body, but considering all she has done to her body reveal that she has had cosmetic procedures done. Many Believe she took Beyonce Diet To reduce her weight

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